Monday, 11 March 2013

Spaghetti garlic chilli parsley

After another expensive trip to the vets I find myself with no money two days after pay day. Miserable. Anyway, one of the cheapest and tastiest meals is this tres simple pasta dish. While the spaghetti is cooking (I hate people who call it Spag...or worst Spag Bol) melt some butter and olive oil together and then throw in some finelay chopped garlic and dried chilli flakes (or fresh if you have) and allow to warm in the oil. Add the finely chopped parsley and season. Turn the heat down or off to prevent the garlic form burning and tasting bitter.

Drain the past, reserve a little of the water to moisten the finished dish if so required. Turn the flame on under the sauce again and toss the pasta into the flavoured oil. Coat well and serve. If you have the luxury of parmesan cheese, or similar, by all means add. But I didn't so it was just more seasoning!

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