Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Sour Dough

About ten years ago I gave life to a sour dough starter. I used grapes and fed it strong bread flour as required. We were living with my parents at the time, in between houses, it was a bit cramped but there was room for one little yeast culture. After three weeks I had two large jars with very active and healthy starters in. At this time R and I were going on holiday so we left strict instructions with my parents on the feeding of the starters. I was so excited about returning from holiday and making my first sour dough loaf. Sad aren't I?

Anyway, to cut a log story short, I returned to an empty shelf - dad had managed to drop one jar and smash it, mum simply thought the other jar an eyesore and threw it away!

I was scarred and haven't attempted another one, until now.

Gordon, the starter has a name, is very lively and last night I made my first loaf. It wasn't great. I will keep trying though and when I achieve my first great loaf I will take a photo. It's not that I'm
ashamed, it's just I can't work out how to upload the damn photos from my iPad to this blog, I have to do it via my work computer, it's Saturday and I'm at home and I wanted to finish this post, which I
started at work yesterday.

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