Sunday, 3 January 2010

I Hate Roast Potatoes

Nothing seems to arose so much shock and disbelief as my swift rejection of roast potatoes with my Sunday Lunch. To be honest the Sunday Roast is my least favourite meal, maybe because of it's association with the end of the weekend, hair-wash night and the return to school?

Give me a potato in any other form; mashed, boiled, gratin, gnocchi, chipped, rosti, dauphinois, sauteed or even raw and I am a happy girl. I can appreciate the roasted potato looks glorious, burnished with gold and streaked with marmitey edges, almost tempting me to take a bite. . . and I always try one, maybe it will be the one that wins my heart? But, no, it's the same disappointing bland, dry texture and taste hiding within that cunning disguise.

BUT in my only defence of the roasted potato, Bubble and Squeak would not be the same without it's mandatory inclusion of leftover roast spud. All the vegetable spoils of lunch are tipped into my Bubble and Squeak box and deposited in the freezer. For best results there should be about half potato to whatever mix of other vegetables you like, I give it all a quick blitz in my Magimix and then fry or bake until crispy.

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