Saturday, 9 January 2010

Welsh Rarebit

I love melted cheese. Two of my most favorite meals eaten out were the cheese and mushroom crepes at Beau's Creperie and the cheese and ham toasted sandwiches in Riceman's Restaurant, sadly both eateries no longer exist.
Macaroni Cheese, Lasagna, Fondue, Cheese Omelette...anything with even a hint of melted cheese has to be at the top of my list of Comfort Food. I had over-stocked with cheeses this Christmas, a deliberate move on my behalf, I still had a chunk of Brie sitting in the fridge so I made a warm cheese dressing for a salad we ate on Monday (just melted some de-rinded brie into a couple of tablespoons of milk), it was delicious. There was still a small jug of the cold sauce left so I toasted some bread, spread it with Dijon mustard and the rest of the solidified Brie dressing, returned it to the grill to heat and bubble. I ate this whilst watching the snow, feeling very warm and cosy.


  1. Beautiful photo! This looks like a perfect little snack!

  2. I came over from "Panini Girl". I did not know before that there was such a word as a "pantler" - I love it. I used to have a small pantry when I lived in the UK - and an airing cupboard too. I live in Italy now and have neither luxury!

    Your photo is making me crave some comfort food right now and that is a great suggestion for a warm cheese sauce for a salad.

  3. Oooooo nice!! Perfect with some of the onion marmalade i've just made. Not sure if it's any good, I kind of made it up, got a good recipe?

  4. I remember both of those places! Saw your blog on Panini Girl - I live not so very far away from you. Welcome to Blogland and I look forward to seeing more lovely foodie posts.

    Pomona x

  5. I want to rush over and have this for lunch!